About 4:17

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4:17 is an experiment in mixed media, although it didn’t start out that way.

4:17 was originally conceived and created for the 2009 48-Hour Film Project International Shootout (December 4-7, 2009) by 3T Productions, a small crowd of creative and enthusiastic souls led by aspiring director Joon Chang.

The 4:17 concept was developed during a hectic evening of brainstorming and story development after which I frantically typed through the night attempting to capture the best bits of character and plot in a script. We began shooting at 5:00am the next morning. Thirty-six hours later 4:17 was “in the can.”

(If you have never heard of “film racing” I encourage you to go here for more information).

Over the course of about 9 months in 2009 and 2010, under Joon’s leadership, we made a total of five film racing pieces and one independent short film. I was the primary screenwriter for all of these projects, but film racing is a very collaborative process, so credit for concept, plot, character, and story rightly belongs to the entire cohort of participants.

Of all of these films, 4:17 always felt to me like the richest concept. It certainly held far more potential than we could capture with our limited resources over a single weekend. I am delighted to revisit this world with this series of short stories. Although I hope the individual works stand on their own, they were written and conceived as companion pieces so, if you have an additional 10 minutes to spare, I  encourage you to watch the original film.

This series contains mature themes and potentially triggering content.

Note: although the names of the characters in 4:17 are the same as the actors that portray them – all the characters from the film, and these stories, are fictional and any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.
All photos/stills from 4:17 by Joon Chang.

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