Black Hood

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Fairy-lit street lamps light the way for rapier-toting private detective Samantha Stagwood and empath Valerie Lang as they unravel mysteries in the fantasy noir world of Newsea.


Future blog posts and stories will continue to flesh out this universe.

From Beneath the Black Hood

Reading Time: 1 minute

The robe slipped down his back. His scars startled me, three ripples stretching from shoulder to waist. Sliced, lashed, or perhaps scratched by some three-fingered beast.

Respect didn’t sway my mission. My lips pursed and blew.

Falling, his hand raised to the sting in his neck.

I bowed silently into the shadows.


For Sacha Black’s #writespiration 52 word challenge: The Girl That Wore the Black Hood
Original penciled art by Carl Bystrom

A Quiet Beat

Reading Time: 5 minutes

“Why do I always look so squinty in these things?” I stared at my calling card. One side of my face was scrunched up. I looked like a scurvy scallywag.

“You’re always squinty.” Paolo, my go-to communications wizard, replied. Right there with support.

“Special request,” I leaned over the cluttered counter and lowered my voice, although, currently, I was the only patron in the dusty little shop. ”Can you hook me up with a sensate spell or two?”

“Those are only for the cops, Stag.” (more…)