Black Hood

The world of the Black Hood was inspired by writing prompts from Sacha Black’s #writespiration 52 word challenge and Rachael Ritchey’s Blog Battle. These two flash-length pieces provided a launch point for a noir-fantasy novella on track for release in 2018.

You can still sample the early explorations of the Black Hood universe below.

Fairy-lit street lamps light the way for rapier-toting private detective Samantha Stagwood and empath Valerie Lang as they unravel mysteries in the city of Newsea.



From Beneath the Black Hood

Reading Time: 1 minute

The robe slipped down his back. His scars startled me, three ripples stretching from shoulder to waist. Sliced, lashed, or perhaps scratched by some three-fingered beast.

Respect didn’t sway my mission. My lips pursed and blew.

Falling, his hand raised to the sting in his neck.

I bowed silently into the shadows.


For Sacha Black’s #writespiration 52 word challenge: The Girl That Wore the Black Hood
Original penciled art by Carl Bystrom

A Quiet Beat

Reading Time: 5 minutes

“Why do I always look so squinty in these things?” I stared at my calling card. One side of my face was scrunched up. I looked like a scurvy scallywag.

“You’re always squinty.” Paolo, my go-to communications wizard, replied. Right there with support.

“Special request,” I leaned over the cluttered counter and lowered my voice, although, currently, I was the only patron in the dusty little shop. ”Can you hook me up with a sensate spell or two?”

“Those are only for the cops, Stag.” (more…)