Short Films

Short films with Joon Chang

For a couple of years, starting in 2009, I worked with my colleague, Joon Chang, on a number of short films. I participated primarily as a screen writer and also as an actor. Almost all of the projects were part of ‘film racing’ events – weekend-long contests wherein teams were required to write, film, edit, and complete short films within 24, 48 or 72 hours.
You can watch the results below:

Meeting Miss Fortune
Screenwriter; Actor
This film won best film and best screenplay in the Seattle 24-Hour film contest!

The Belgian Pretzel
Screen Writer
Our second film – this won the best film in the Seattle 48-Hour film contest!


Fixing Harvey
Screenwriter; Actor
This was for a 72-hour contest. This didn’t win anything, but we still think it’s good.

Screenwriter; Actor
This was made for an International 48-Hour contest (we were invited because of our win with The Belgian Pretzel.) We didn’t win anything for this one either but this and Meeting Miss Fortune are my favorites of the contest films.

On The Western Front
A 72-hour film race entry featuring broccoli. This one has humor.

The Splits
The film we made that had nothing to do with any kind of contest. This one took significantly more than 24 hours….

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