How do you survive in a world where eye-contact can mean instant death? Set your priorities, keep up your mantra, and have a bandana handy.

4:17 is an apocalyptic novella in-progress based on a short film of the same name. Each chapter explores the journey of one of the characters as they make their way through the end of the civilization.

About 4:17




All photos/stills from 4:17 by Joon Chang.

About 4:17

Reading Time: 1 minute

4:17 is an experiment in mixed media, although it didn’t start out that way.

4:17 was originally conceived and created for the 2009 48-Hour Film Project International Shootout (December 4-7, 2009) by 3T Productions, a small crowd of creative and enthusiastic souls led by aspiring director Joon Chang. (more…)

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4:17- Carl

4:17 – Carl

Reading Time: 9 minutes

It always happened in the kitchen. Maybe the inherent violence of slicing cucumbers or ripping leaves of lettuce tapped into a vein of deep rage, or perhaps the act of preparing sustenance for her family inspired a surge of righteous resentment, but for whatever reason, Shelly always picked that room to lay into him. (more…)

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4:17 - Tatiana

4:17 – Tatiana

Reading Time: 10 minutes

Adult Themes/Trigger Warning: Although not lewd or explicit, this piece contains references to violence and abuse.

Tatiana knew Angie was a time bomb – a Trojan horse preparing to unleash destruction on their small fortress – but no one else could see it. She’d told the group that she didn’t trust the newcomer, this strange woman who’d shown up just minutes after the news of Scott’s death. But when Tatiana voiced her suspicions, even David, who had watched Scott die, only muttered caustically: “Maybe that says more about you than it does about her.” (more…)

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4:17 – Roy

Reading Time: 7 minutes

“She ran into the living room dressed in a unicorn onesie and holding a unicorn hobby-horse,” his friend’s smile widened. He loved talking about his daughter. “You know, a stick with a unicorn head on it?”

So this is what we’ve come to, thought Roy. No more chasing skirts and shooting tequila for these studs, now we swap stories about the kids over a Hefeweizen. He nodded at his friend and smiled. (more…)

4:17 – David

Reading Time: 7 minutes

“I don’t know what this means.”  Angie sounded legitimately confused. “Did they kill each other?”

“I don’t think that’s even possible.” Daniel responded.

He was probably right. You could only look into one person’s eyes at a time and, as far as David could tell, someone always won the race to death. David certainly knew what he had done. Carl was screaming bloody murder when they’d touched eyes and David didn’t waste a thought before dropping him. But that didn’t explain the other two. (more…)

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