About Carl

Why Here, Why Now:

I started this blog because, after a lifetime of “wanting to be a writer” (i.e. enjoying writing but not actually doing enough of it), I am finally possessed with an irrepressible drive to create and complete stories.

I don’t much understand the point of writing stories if they go unread – either stashed away or waiting for some third-party approval – so instead of leaving them in a box or on my hard drive unseen by anyone but me and my main squeeze, I have posted them here for your enjoyment.

I expect that my work will improve over time, along with my efforts to share it. I hope you join me on my journey and that you enjoy the ride!

Twitter blurb:

Writer, juggler, penciler, sleighter of hands, father, runner, wire walker, lover, rhythm section, manager, day-dreamer, friend, and home-maker.

I’d love to hear from you!

I welcome comments, input, feedback, suggestions, and conversation of all kinds. Please reach out!

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